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Crafted Ballistics, the premiere ballistic artisan, offers one of a kind, true works of art. We pride ourselves in creating superior hand crafted pieces while using the highest quality resins and bullet projectiles available, all while providing unparalleled customer service and professionalism. Take a look around and see what Crafted Ballistics has to offer.

* Keep in mind mostly all items state out of stock. All items are made to order as I do not have much room for inventory, hence the lead time. Even though items state out of stock you are still able to add to your cart and will be able to checkout. 

If you would like to request a certain layout other than what is in the catalogue, please send me an email and I will do my best to get what you are requesting. 

As of 12/1/2019 current lead time is 7 - 9 weeks, this lead time does not apply to custom orders. Only orders placed online. 

Its December folks, please be aware anything ordered this month may NOT make it for Christmas as my lead time is way over 4 weeks. Unless of course it’s a small piece of some sort. Please send me an email or text for any questions/concerns. Thank you!


* Due to California’s new Ammunition Law, lead time may vary depending if we currently have the ammo you have ordered for your display(s) We are working on getting the necessary permits/licenses in order to keep business flowing. Thanks again for your continuing support and understanding.