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RAUFOSS MK211 (12.7×99MM NATO)

RAUFOSS MK211 (12.7×99MM NATO)


The 12.7mm multipurpose concept was introduced in 1981 with a design focused on penetration, fragmentation, incendiary and blast effect.

The MK211 round is recommended by John L. Plaster (MACV-SOG, Ret) and his book says that it is the most accurate .50 caliber round on the planet but this is inaccurate as other rounds and hand loaded rounds can be more accurate. It also says that the US Army Snipers use this the vast majority of the time while training – it is pretty much the only round they use.It is a multi-purpose round that can be used on both soft (human targets and alike) and hard (apc, pick-up truck targets and alike) targets – making it a deadly round to be reckoned with. It can also be used for anti-explosive, anti-material, anti-vehicle and impressive suppressive fire, especially in urban areas.

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